Paleo Ridge, the UK’s leading provider of the finest raw dog food proudly announces the official rebranding of its premium product range, Paleo Plus. The rebrand comes with a captivating new packaging design that perfectly reflects ‘optimum raw nutrition for dogs’.

While maintaining the same exceptional recipes and quality of ingredients that consumers have come to trust, Paleo Plus introduces a fresh and modern packaging aesthetic, elevating the brand’s visual identity. The revamped design not only captures the essence of Paleo Ridge’s commitment to excellence but also enhances the overall customer experience.

One of the standout features of Paleo Plus is the unique blend of antioxidant superfoods incorporated into each recipe. This distinctive formula is specifically crafted to promote optimum health in dogs, ensuring they receive the finest nutrition in their diet.

Paleo Ridge remains steadfast in its commitment to sourcing premium, human-grade ingredients to create a balanced and nutritious diet for our four-legged friends. By combining high-quality meats with a thoughtfully selected mix of superfoods, Paleo Plus aims to provide a holistic approach to canine nutrition and provide prevention of health issues and diseases.

The rebranded products are now available to purchase, both in-store and online, with prices starting at £4.20 per 500g pack.

We are delighted to unveil the next chapter in our journey with the rebranding of our premium raw dog food range Paleo Plus. Our new packaging not only reflects the premium quality of our dog food but also highlights the unique blend of antioxidant superfoods that sets Paleo Plus apart. We remain committed to providing optimum raw nutrition for dogs, ensuring they lead the healthiest and happiest life.
Will Green, Paleo Ridge