Podcast Appearance: A Dog’s Life Podcast: London Vet Week

I joined Anna for a special bonus episode at the London Vet Show, talking about why the Paleo Ridge is supporting the Raw Feeding Vet Society at the event.

In response to the demand from customers to learn more about feeding a species appropriate diet, the RFVS were inundated with interest from Vets at the show. Grabbing a few minutes with Paleo Ridge’s Will Green and Esther Logue, we chatted about a shift in perceptions. As dog owners opt for healthier eating themselves, it’s inevitable that pet parents are transferring their learning to their pets.

Understanding the impact diet: ingredients that support and fuel at a cellular level, feeding a raw balanced complete diet to your dog is beneficial to their health. Over the years Anna has received a lot of antagonism from Vets on feeding an unprocessed, natural whole food diet, which she found very disappointing. As a canine nutritionist, Anna agrees with Paleo Ridge’s philosophy that by pre-empting health issues, is a way to keep dogs and their owners happy. Feeding ingredients that are bioavailable and nutrient dense – ‘Letting food be thy medicine (as Hippocrates said in 600BC), can transform health. Offering an exclusive Vet Club for practices, Paleo Ridge aims to educate!! Offering free advice, special packages and in-practice freezer options for vet practices.

We touch on the myths around Raw Food Feeding, and why the RFVS want to help de-mystify such preconceptions and help Vets fulfill the demand from their customers. Being open to change and learning about nutrition is the key not just for dogs, but for humans too.

Raw Feeding Vet Society RFVS

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